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Kim McDaniel - Board Member

Kim was born at the Norfolk Navy Base Hospital in Norfolk, VA.  Moving from base to base, living in base housing, always in awe of the military men and women she met along the way.  One of her earliest and fondest childhood memories was going with her mom and sister to the shipyard to watch her father return home.  Being so proud knowing that in that sea of white uniforms, so pristine and at attention, was her father.  When her father was stationed in Portland, Oregon for a short time, he fell in love with the state.  When he retired in 1980, he moved the family to Eugene, Oregon. 

Kim’s grandfather served in the US Army during World War II serving in England and France.

Kim and her husband live on a small farm just south of Florence for 22 years.  Kim is a wife, mother and grandmother.  When not working you can find her at home with her animals or in her garden. 

Serving on the Oregon Coast Military Museum is one way to honor the memory of her Father, Grandfather and all of the past, present and future military men and women.

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