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Apocalyptic Truck

The Motor-Pool Exhibition at our Museum features a variety of military vehicles from 1942 to 1970. We have a variety of vehicles from different branches of the military, U.S. and Foreign, each with its own story to tell. Visitors can explore the history and significance of these vehicles and the impact they had on the various war efforts. Visitors can also get up close and personal with these vehicles to learn more about their historical significance and the technology used during their era. Our knowledgeable staff are available to answer questions and provide additional information. Whether you’re a history buff or a car enthusiast, you’ll find something to appreciate in our Vehicle Displays. We invite you to come explore our military vehicle displays and get a unique glimpse into the past.

1942 Ford GPW

The Museum is home to a 1942 Ford GPW from the Second World War. Our GPW features an infantry-support loadout and a wide assortment of equipment providing a unique display of one of the most utilized vehicles of the U.S. military in the Second World War. 

A film about the production and capabilities of the Jeep are also on display near the vehicle.

Current Status: On Display 

The Vehicle is restored to working order and is fully functional

Current Status: On Display 
1959 FV701 "Ferret"

Starting production in the early 1950s, the FV701 also known as the "Ferret" was designed as a reconnaissance vehicle for the British Army by Daimler. The Museum's Ferret was delivered in 1959 and served with the British Royal Tank Regiment. At 8,500~lbs, the Ferret is the most heavily armored vehicle in the Museum's collection

A film regarding its capabilities is available for viewing near the vehicle.

The Vehicle is currently being restored to working order 

Current Status: On Display 
1967 M725

The latest arrival at the Museum and certainly the most unique is the Kaiser M725 Ambulance. This vehicle is one of two M725s that returned home from Vietnam and weren't scrapped during the war. During its three years of production, only 3,700~ were produced. According to available information, this M725 was stationed in Danang with MACV as part of the Navy's Medical Service

The Vehicle is currently being repaired to working order.

1965 M151A1

Unlike many other military vehicles, the M151 was not widely released into the civilian market due to multiple factors including modern safety standards and frequent rollovers due to design issues.

The Museum's M151A1 features an "Assault package", which is most commonly seen in use by elite groups or special forces during the late service period of the M151 (1980s)

Current Status: On Display 

The Vehicle is currently being restored to working order.

1946 CJ-2A

The first vehicle to be donated to the Museum, the CJ-2A painted in Strategic Air Command color scheme has become a symbol of recognition for the Museum and has been the face of the Museum's public outreach campaigns since 2012.

Though the paint scheme is off-color from the authentic Aviation Blue, this CJ-2A is a crowd favorite for children and their families. 

Current Status: Not on Display

The Vehicle is restored to working order and is fully functional

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