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The Museum is proud to offer a range of exhibitions dedicated to the history of Oregon Veterans and how they have shaped warfare. From the Civil War all the way through to the War on Terror, visitors can engage through our interactive displays and artifacts. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any questions and provide insight into these major conflicts and their impact on the world. Our exhibitions also feature a range of educational materials, such as films and books, to further enhance your experience. We hope that you will join us in learning more about these significant events in history.

Year-Round Exhibits

The American Civil War exhibit at the Museum showcases a wide array of artifacts from the conflict, including photographs, weapons, uniforms, and documents. Visitors can explore the exhibit to gain a better understanding of the causes and effects of the war, as well as gain insight into the lives of those who lived through it.

The Museum's Merchant Marine Exhibit is a must-see for any visitor interested in maritime history. The collection of artifacts, photographs, and stories tell the tales of merchant mariners and the many roles they have played in moving goods, supplies, and people throughout the world. From tales of heroism and bravery to tales of tragedy and loss, the Merchant Marine Exhibit provides a vivid look into the lives of these seafaring individuals.

The Military Aviation exhibit at the Museum features a wide range of displays. Historical documents and photographs provide a unique look at the history of Oregon's military aviation, from the earliest days of flight to the present day. Visitors can learn about the role of military aircraft in major historical events and explore the development of aviation technology. 

The Museum's First World War exhibit showcases a variety of artifacts from the war, including uniforms, weapons, photographs, and personal items. Visitors can learn about the different nations involved, the battles, and the impact of the war on everyday life.

The Oregon Coast Guard exhibit at the museum showcases the history of the U.S. Coast Guard in Oregon. Visitors can explore the important role that the Coast Guard has played in protecting Oregon's coastal waters, as well as its efforts in search and rescue. The exhibit features artifacts and photographs,  that tell the story of the Coast Guard from its establishment in 1915 to present day. 

The Museum's Pacific War exhibit is a powerful reminder of the brave service of Oregon veterans. It features a variety of artifacts, photographs, and documents from the era, providing a comprehensive overview of the war effort. Visitors can learn about the battles, strategies, and struggles faced by Oregon veterans during the war, as well as the lasting effects of their service. 

The European Theater  exhibit at the Museum showcases a unique collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the Second World War. It includes weapons, uniforms, photographs, and personal accounts of those who took part in the conflict. Visitors can learn about the key battles, strategies, and events of this pivotal period in history. 

The Museum's  Homefront exhibit tells the story of everyday life during the war, from the perspective of those living in the United States. Visitors can explore artifacts and photographs to gain a better understanding of how the war impacted the lives of everyday Americans. Personal stories of those who lived through the war are also shared, providing a deeper insight into the Homefront experience. 

The Korean War exhibit at the Museum tells the story of the Forgotten Conflict, a war that lasted from 1950-1953. Visitors can explore artifacts, photos, and documents that illustrate the events and experiences of the war. They can also hear firsthand accounts from veterans of the war and learn about the Korean War's lasting impact on the region. 

The Museum's Military Motorpool exhibit is a fantastic display of vintage military vehicles. On display is a 1940's Jeep, a 1960's M.U.T.T. (Military Utility Tactical Truck), and a 1960's Ferret Scout Car. Visitors can explore these vehicles up close and learn about their unique history and function in the military. This exhibit is sure to be a hit with history buffs and car enthusiasts alike!

The Vietnam War exhibit at the Museum is a comprehensive overview of the conflict, with a focus on Oregon Veterans. The exhibit includes personal stories from Veterans, offering insight into their struggles and triumphs during the conflict. Additionally, visitors can explore the innovative technology and tactics used by both sides during the war. 

The Modern Conflicts exhibit at the Museum showcases a variety of artifacts from recent wars, providing insight into the unique experiences of those who served. Visitors will explore uniforms, weapons, and equipment from conflicts such as the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan. Through this exhibit, visitors can gain a better understanding of the realities of modern military conflicts.

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