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Our Team

Museum Staff


Geoffrey Cannon - Director

A student of History with a Bachelor of Arts in History, Geoffrey has always had a passion for honoring Veterans and recognizing the service of American Veterans and Service Members. With a long family line of Veterans, Geoffrey strives to make sure that no Veteran's service is forgotten.

As Director of the Museum, Geoffrey develops the Museum's exhibits and ensures the steady operation of the Museum in accordance to our Mission. First joining the Museum in 2015, Geoffrey has worked alongside our Board of Directors to get the Museum to its current state.

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Volunteering at our Museum gives you the opportunity to learn more about the history of Oregon Veterans, to meet and befriend people with similar interests, and honor those who have served.

Officers of the Board


Gary Cannon - President

Gary Cannon is a virtuous and decorated veteran of the Vietnam War.  He graduated from Western Oregon State College with a Bachelor Degree in Science.  He also taught in Florence, Oregon where he retired after 27 years.

He mentored and educated other teachers to instruct a solid science program, as well as becoming a company representative for the FOSS Science Equipment Company.  As a former teacher, Gary strives to bring the history of our Veterans to younger generations.

Brian Barnard - Vice-President

An Oregon native Brian Barnard is from Newport, Oregon, attending local schools but also receiving his diploma as a home-schooled student.  Following his graduation, he joined the United States Marine Corps. After traveling around the country in a manufacturing career as a single father, he moved back to the Oregon coast.

Brian joined the Board recently and commented “With the large amount of military retirees in the community I feel it is and will be a good way to give back.”


Kim McDaniel - Treasurer

Kim was born at the Norfolk Navy Base Hospital in Norfolk, VA.  Moving from base to base, living in base housing, always in awe of the military men and women she met along the way.  

Kim’s grandfather served in the US Army during World War II serving in England and France.

Serving on the Oregon Coast Military Museum is one way to honor the memory of her Father, Grandfather and all of the past, present and future military men and women.

Jennifer Brandenburger - Secretary

Jennifer is the proud owner of the Bead Warehouse and has been a long time volunteer for the Annual Festival of Trees Fundraiser. She has a deep appreciation for all of our Veterans and wants to honor their service and dedication to our country.

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Image by Mick Haupt

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Board Members

Tim Sapp - 2007

Karl Engel - 2020

Elder "Ray" Barzart - 2020

Krystal Hopper - 2020

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