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Oregon Coast Military Museum Offers Lending Library

The Oregon Coast Military Museum has recently completed the lending library in the Museum’s display area, providing books on military heritage to the public with a simple check-out process. “Volunteer Bond Hansen has done an amazing job as our ‘librarian’ with his passion for books combined with his passion for military history. He has arranged the numerous books donated to us over the years into sections dealing with eras of military history, as well as disciplines i.e. naval, aviation etc.” stated Executive Director Cal Applebee. “Supporters can peruse the shelves and find a selection, then check it out for two weeks to read and enjoy”. He added. "In addition, the Museum’s gift shop book offerings have been growing as well. Some of the donated books which are duplicates, can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Plus, several books on various aspects of military heritage are also available for purchase, some from local authors and some on local experiences." "A Matter of Honor" by Verla Chaddick North Fork resident Robert George Esgate served with the Quarter Master Corps Graves Registration Unit during WWII with the grim task of recovering, identifying and burying GI’s killed in action. In 1999 he returned to Belgium to retrace some of that journey by visiting some of the graveyards he helped established, and also find his Belgian lost love. Enjoy this riveting account of a Florence family during and after the war. "Oregon Military" by Warren W. Aney & Alisha Hamel A great arm-chair book reviewing the heritage of military service in Oregon from the beginning days of early explorers and their battles with Native American Indians, up through current times and conflict including the War on Terror. Easy summary read on our State’s military heritage. "Camp Adair" by John Baker The story of a WWII training camp being built at the beginning of WWII and which trained 100,000 troops for service. The site which covered 65,000 acres in the Willamette Valley was built in six months and displaced entire towns as well as farms. "The Promise Kept" by Michael Pungercar The story of a son discovering his father’s WWII service after hearing snippets on a late-life fishing excursion. Years later after his father’s passing, he discovers an audio tape that details some of his father’s missions B-17 missions, which launched his own mission to detail that action. "Come In, Swanee Leader" by Jim Staley A Sailor’s thirty-three-month odyssey of an LST in the 1950’s as it travels the Pacific Ocean during the Korean conflict. Outstanding color photographs by the author accent his adventures from San Francisco to Japan and Korea. "The Black Suitcase Mystery" by Gail Elliott Downs (This book will be available soon) Step back in time to the 1940s and delve into a World War II Mystery involving B-24 Liberator bombers, the men who flew them, and the women who waited for their safe return. This is a tragic yet triumphant tale of how a team of youthful detectives were able to piece together a story of young love. Separated by war — reunited by death.

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