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Oregon Coast Military Museum Elects New Officers

The Oregon Coast Military Museum held its annual elections at the December board meeting returning three current members to additional two-year terms, and electing a new slate of officers. Tim Sapp, Don Drozdenko and Joe Henry were re-elected, and long serving Board member Tom Benedict elected not to retain his position.

“Volunteering during the early years of the construction effort, Tom was elected to the Board in 2014” described out-going President Wayne Sharpe. “He has worked hard for the Museum and will be missed on the Board. The success of the Museum is directly connected to his leadership and the many hours of volunteerism he put in at the Museum.”

Sharpe remains on the Board as past-president, with the election of new officers including President Gene Wobbe, Vice President Jolene Medeiros, Secretary Jacquie Beveridge and Treasurer Joe Henry.

“Wayne Sharpe has been instrumental in the success of our Museum effort from the very beginning” stated Executive Director Cal Applebee. “It has been a pleasure as well as fun to work side by side with Wayne all these years, and I’m looking forward to his continued influence as past-president.”

With the vacancy of Benedicts position, the Board is seeking interested parties who would like to join the effort to honor the Veterans in our community. Those interested can contact Applebee at 541-999-4175 to explore the opportunity.

The Museum is located at 2145 Kingwood Street in Florence and is open Thursday through Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Image by RetroSupply
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