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New Visiting Hours

The Oregon Coast Military Museum is excited to announce that it is expanding its hours to five days each week, beginning May 1st. “We’ve always wanted to be more accessible to the public and we have structured a schedule that allows us to do that.” Stated Chief of Staff Geoff Cannon. Previously the Museum was only open three days – Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The schedule is now expanding to Wednesday through Sunday, with the hours changing from noon until 4:00 p.m. Cannon added “This allows visitors one additional week day and one additional weekend opportunity to visit us. With this change we’re also recruiting additional Volunteers who can now work shorter shifts rather than the six-hour shift previously.” Parties interested in volunteering can contact Cannon at the Museum 541-902-5160.

The Museum is located at 2145 Kingwood Street in Florence

Image by RetroSupply
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