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Military Museum Announces Open Board Positions

The Oregon Coast Military Museum, an Oregon Domestic Non-Profit and 501c3 entity, is pleased to announce it is accepting applications for new board members.

Executive Director Cal Applebee explained “We currently serve with eleven elected board positions, plus one ex-officio position from our Volunteer ranks. We have a couple vacancies currently, and elections for several other positions will be fast approaching when those existing positions term out.”

Board position applications can be found on the Museum’s website,

Applebee added “I encourage those parties interested to visit both our website and our Museum to check us out, and if interested, fill out and submit the application, as elections will take place in December.” Candidates can also contact Applebee via email: or phone 541-999-4175.

The Museum opened its doors on Kingwood Street in 2015 after a seven-year effort to become both a destination attraction for the City of Florence, but also to serve the mission “To Honor our Veterans by Educating our Public”.

The Oregon Coast Military Museum is located at 2145 Kingwood Street in Florence, and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, from noon until 4:00 p.m. You can learn more by visiting the website:

Cal Applebee 541-999-4175 or

Image by RetroSupply
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