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Oregon Coast Military Museum Visits Civil War

The next Military Heritage Day for the Oregon Coast Military Museum is set for Saturday, February 23rd at 2:00 p.m. at the Florence Municipal Airport located on Kingwood Street. Board Member Dave Burkett will be sharing his knowledge as a Civil War Living Historian - with a focus on Oregon's connection and the Civil War.

“While none of the battles from the war between the states took place here in Oregon, that doesn’t mean Oregon didn’t feel the impacts from that war.” stated Executive Director Cal Applebee recently. “When the Civil War started in 1861, Oregon was a fledgling state, having attained statehood only two years earlier. The United States Army already had considerable presence in Oregon, but primarily because of conflicts between the growing number of settlers who were newcomers, and the multiple native American tribes around the state, who had been here first. As the troop demands for the Civil War increased, the North began withdrawing federal troops to feed that need.”

Burkett will share history on this element as well as some of the more personal connections between Oregon and several Civil War personalities. There is no charge for attending the presentation.

The Museum is located at 2145 Kingwood Street in Florence, and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, from noon until 4:00 p.m. You can learn more by visiting the website:

Cal Applebee 541-999-4175 or

Image by RetroSupply
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