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Cal Applebee to Retire

The Oregon Coast Military Museum (OCMM) today announced that Cal Applebee, the Museum’s Executive Director, has decided to retire effective

June 30, 2019.

Applebee has served in his role since May 2016. During Applebee’s tenure he played key roles in solidifying the Museum’s presence in Florence. This year the Museum partnered with Spruce Point to bring the Wall That Heals to Florence and has established a relationship with the Southwestern Oregon Museum Association group which has resulted broader regional partnerships for the Museum. He served as a champion for the incorporation of the Motorpool group into the Museum.

Applebee will continue to support the Museum through providing his historical knowledge about the creation and operation as the Museum moves forward. He will serve as Chair/Coordinator of the Motorpool Group to help increase the Museum’s public presence with the use of the Museum’s popular jeep.

July 6, 2019 the Museum will celebrate it’s 4th Anniversary in conjunction with its Annual Wings & Wheels celebration.

In a statement issued by Tim Sapp, OCMM Board President and the Board of Directors: “Applebee has contributed his years of organizational experience to the Museum in its infancy stage. His work ethic, enthusiasm and focus on the mission have been exemplary.” Applebee has been a mentor to many, and his influence has made an indelible impact on the growth of the Museum. We want to personally thank Applebee for all he’s done for the development and progress of the Oregon Coast Military Museum.”

Image by RetroSupply
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