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New Website Design & Layout

With a new year upon us and new plans being put in place, it is that time of the year for cleaning up and rearranging everything around us. Museum's like to do this too, particularly when new things are rapidly happening behind the scenes. The first step of our "Spring Cleaning" project involved developing a new version of the Museum's website, one that encourages accessibility and ease of use. A variety of new pages, programs, and interactions have been added all while designing it to modern museum standards. Visitors can now purchase admission tickets, book Director/Item donation appointments, donate to specific projects/programs, and so much more, all online!

"By revising our website we are hopeful that visitors, both new and returning, will have an easier time finding information or services they are interested in" Board President Gary Cannon stated.

New additions are also being added to the Museum's website including membership renewal/management, "Our Veterans" project submissions, and event registration to name a few. The "Announcements" page will contain any posts about upcoming events, policy changes, guest speakers, new displays, and more so be sure to keep an eye on this page for updates. "Military History Corner" is the perfect place for every history fan or enthusiast as our historians will periodically submit stories or articles of their own writing to the page on a variety of military topics. Our "Join & Give" section has a variety of ways to help support the Museum and its mission including donations, volunteering and other contribution programs. "Events" is home to all of our upcoming events, lectures, and special experiences. "Visit" provides up to date information regarding admission, long term and visiting exhibitions, guides, and more.

If text is cut off or not visible, please try using another browser or screen as some areas vary depending on the user's technology.


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